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Samsung and Xiaomi might be heading to micro-curved displays

This might be the next solution for Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Pro

Samsung, the pioneer of curved screens on smartphones seems to be heading away from curved displays. Previously it was rumored that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might be a flat-display phone. The rumor felt unbelievable to many people including me. But now, I think that might be possible as some new rumor suggests some exciting news.

Not only the settled with curved screen Galaxy S Ultra series, but the settled flat Xiaomi Mi series excluding the Ultra might also adopt this new micro-curve formula. According to a rumor claimed by Fixed Focus Digital on a Chinese platform Weibo, Xiaomi, and Samsung may use a slightly curved display on their upcoming devices.

a screenshot of the weibo post of fixed focus digital on the micro-curved display on xiaomi 14 pro and samsung devices
Retrieved from Weibo

The micro-curved display has a slight curve around the edge. The curvature won’t be so aggressive that it bends with the frame of the phone. The curvature would be enough to give a curved screen feeling. This can be called a 2.5D curved instead of 3D that bends to the frame. Micro curved screen will be almost flat except for the slight curve around the edges.

However, he didn’t confirm specifically which devices will use this new formula. But he said that the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Pro may use this new slightly curved OLED display. If that’s true, the base Xiaomi 14 will still use the same flat display.

That’s also might be a to-go solution for Samsung. For a few days, Ice Universe, a reliable tipster, according to the data he have kept saying that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might offer a flat display.

Samsung Galaxy S24 blaze size
Image Credit: Ice Universe

But as the base S24 and S24+ will be flat display phones, then why Samsung would need to use a flat display on the top version? So the micro-curved seems to be what Samsung is going to use for S24 Ultra. The curvature of Galaxy S23 Ultra is already subtle, so reducing it even more might not be appreciated by many consumers.

Please note that this micro-curved news is still in the rumored stage though the source is reliable. We will be getting further news on this micro-curved screen in the coming days.


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