Muhammad Minhaz

Muhammad Menhajul Islam (also known as 'Minhaz') is a B.Sc student studying Mathematics in Govt. B.M. Collage, Barishal, Bangladesh. He has been a Android die-hard fan since 2015. He used more than 5 Android smartphones from entry level to flagships since then.   He uses custom roms, modded firmwares, system modification modules etc to see how much better the performance gets with a optimized software on any given hardware. In 2013, before the Android the wave in smartphone industry, he used a couple of Nokia Symbian OS powered smartphones. He used to perform hacking to the OS and unlock many features. It was a very popular process like jailbreaking an iPhone and unlocking bootloader of Android Phones. He feels nostalgia for that time. Muhammad Minhaz is now a tech journalist as well as tech blogger. He wants to let others know the beauty of Android being an open-source operating system. He currently uses Redmi K30 Pro as his daily driver custom roms and a lot of system modifications. Minhaz previously has written tech news and articles for, a tech website on Bangla language. Now with that expertise and experience he has gathered through years, he started writing for AndroidStory on July 2022. He covers tech news, custom rom updates, Android OS features, upcoming smartphones leaks and so on. In his pastime, Minhaz loves to watch tech videos, reviews of smartphones gadgets, etc. He is also an astrophotographer. He uses his smartphones for stargazing, also to prove the true potential of smartphones. He is so into astrophotography that he astro-modified his Redmi Note 7 Pro which seems to be first time done ever. It's very popular technique to capture more light data from deep space with traditional cameras. But no one seems to have it done with smartphones. This proves his passion, dedication and expertise on smartphone technology and astrophotography.
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