Tensor G4 might use FOWLP technology to fix Overheating

While overheating has historically plagued smartphones, Samsung’s manufacturing process has come under particular scrutiny in recent years. The company’s Exynos chipsets have been widely criticized for excessive heat generation, and even Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, manufactured by Samsung, have faced similar issues.

Samsung is aware of it and working hard to figure out the problem. Samsung has already made some improvements in Exynos 2400. In Korean market, Galaxy S24 Exynos Edition was well received and got a lot of positive feedback.

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Now according to a recent report by a Korean media FNN, Google’s next generation Tensor G4 chipset might use Samsung’s latest 4nm process. Currently, Samsung is on their 3rd generation 4nm low-power process node which is used in Exynos 2400. Not only Tensor, but the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 might also use Samsung process.

Tensor G4 using FOWLP technology from Exynos 2400

If it’s based on Samsung’s 3rd generation 4nm technology, Tensor G4 will use the new Fan-out Wafer Level Package (FOWLP). This is a new cutting-edge technology that greatly improves the heat dissipation from the silicon itself. This technology is responsible for the better thermal performance of Exynos 2400.

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Advantages of using FOWLP technology

Samsung’s new Exynos 2400 processor uses a cutting-edge packaging technique called FOWLP. This allows for faster data transfer and improved heat management, keeping your phone cooler during demanding tasks like gaming. FOWLP specifically boasts a 23% and 8% increase in heat resistance for single-core and multi-core performance, respectively, leading to smoother gameplay and potentially improved performance.

Recently, leaders from Google visited Samsung Electronics in Korea. It is said that they might have collaborated on developing the Tensor G4 chipset. This upcoming chipset will be equipped with the Pixel 9 series. We are so hopeful about the thermal performance on Pixel 9 Series.


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