The Xiaomi 15 series is reportedly set to feature an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Since its debut in 2019 on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has failed to gain widespread adoption. Samsung remains the only major Android brand to continue its use, while other top Android phones such as the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Oppo Find X7 Ultra opt for optical fingerprint sensors. However, this is expected to change as Xiaomi reportedly plan to incorporate ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in their upcoming Xiaomi 15 series.

As per a report on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Xiaomi is currently experimenting with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors for its upcoming Xiaomi 15 series. It’s anticipated that all models within the Xiaomi 15 series will retain the same display design as seen in the Xiaomi 14 series.

Reference picture Xiaomi 15 series ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
Reference picture ( Meizu ultrasonic max)

In addition to Xiaomi, reports suggest that OnePlus will also incorporate ultrasonic fingerprint technology into their upcoming OnePlus 13 series. Currently, for those seeking a non-Samsung phone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, you only have a few options available like the Meizu 20 series, Meizu 21, and the Vivo X80 Pro.

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Why ultrasonic sensors? An ultrasonic sensor is preferred for its ability to provide enhanced security compared to an optical sensor. This is because it can generate 3D images of your fingers, making it significantly more difficult to fool, unlike the 2D images produced by optical sensors.

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