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Meizu 20 will offer world’s fastest under-display fingerprint scanner: Meizu claims

The under display fingerprint scanning method has already come a long way. Initially a general camera was used to capture the fingerprints which were underneath the OLED display. It wasn’t that accurate and fast. So to overcome these problems, the ultrasonic effort comes in place. Brands started using it on their flagship phones and still now we are getting this feature on phones like Galaxy S23 Ultra and others.

Though the technology has been improved a lot. It’s now fast, work’s even though the finger is wet. But this time, Meizu claims to offer the next generation of the under display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

On the official weibo handle of Meizu, they claimed that Meizu 20 series will offer the fastest under display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner ever on a smartphone. They called it Ultrasonic Fingerprint 2.0. Meizu claims that this ultrasonic scanner can unlock the device as fast as 0.075s even if the finger is wet.

Meizu's post claiming to offer the fastest ultrasonic fingerprint scanner with Meizu 20 series

In general, wet fingers sometimes cause the fingerprint scanner to miss even if it’s an ultrasonic one. Achieving 0.075s unlocking speed with the wet fingers is so impressive. Though Meizu has some past track records for their faster fingerprint scanner.

It doesn’t sound that revolutionary but it’s quite impressive work from Meizu. As we know Meizu is a China centric brand with a smaller team to research. If their claims come true then this feature will cause hype for the Brand.

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