China’s Semiconductor Surge: Insights from ‘Semiconductor China 2024’

“Semiconductor China 2024” not only showcased China’s technological achievements but also underscored the nation’s ambition to become a global leader in the semiconductor industry, despite facing challenges such as US sanctions. With significant investments and advancements in technology, China is poised to reshape the landscape of the semiconductor market in the coming years.

In a recent report by, the confidence of Chinese semiconductor companies was on full display at the “Semiconductor China 2024” exhibition held in Shanghai from the 20th to the 22nd of March. Jin Rongzhao, CEO of North Huachang Technology, highlighted China’s significant role in the global semiconductor market, emphasizing the country’s massive scale in purchasing semiconductor equipment and its technological prowess.

Despite facing US sanctions, North Huachang Technology, considered a symbol of China’s semiconductor self-reliance, saw a remarkable surge in performance. Their net profit for the first three quarters of last year exceeded double that of the entire year of 2022, reflecting the company’s increased technological capabilities.

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The exhibition showcased not only North Huachang Technology but also a plethora of other Chinese semiconductor companies, many of which have achieved self-sufficiency in critical technologies like power semiconductors for electric vehicles. This signifies a significant milestone for China’s semiconductor industry, positioning the country as a formidable player on the global stage.

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AMEC, the second-largest semiconductor equipment company in China, demonstrated the nation’s progress in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, contributing to the localization of key processes like etching. Even major players like TSMC have been seen using Chinese-made equipment, showcasing the industry’s rapid growth and technological advancement.

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China’s semiconductor ambitions are further bolstered by government-led policies favoring domestic technology adoption. The country’s focus on indigenizing advanced lithography equipment and efforts to enter international markets, such as Korea, highlight its determination to become a dominant force in the semiconductor industry.

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Experts predict that China’s semiconductor self-sufficiency could soon become a reality, with projections suggesting that the country could domestically produce 80% of imported semiconductor equipment by the end of the year. To support this endeavor, the Chinese government has established a massive $270 billion fund aimed at boosting semiconductor self-reliance.


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