Galaxy S23 ultra: Possibly the last Samsung phone with curved display

Samsung revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the Galaxy Note Edge back in September 2014. This innovation marked the inception of the curved display trend, a feature that would forever alter the landscape of smartphone design. Ever since it became standard for flagship smartphones to come with a curved edge display.

Curved display feature that defined Samsung’s flagship devices for years might come to an end with the upcoming S24 ultra. Samsung started phasing out curved displays on their flagship phones with the launch of S21 series where the regular S21 and S21 Plus had flat display instead of a curved display.

Samsung Galaxy S24 blaze size
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Up until now the Ultra model retained the curved edges. A recent leak suggesting changes in the bezel size of the S24 ultra have people speculating that the S24 ultra might have a flat display. A Post from a renowned leakster Ice Universe on X says “Cherish the S23 Ultra in your hand, maybe this is Samsung’s last curved screen phone” triggering varied fan responses. Some are excited about the flat display others say they will miss the curved display. If the rumours are true then this could potentially mark the end of an era.

Over the years, Samsung refined and expanded its lineup of curved display phones. Each release made improvements to the technology, design, and usability of the curved screen. The curved edges became not just a design choice but a statement of sophistication. Samsung is always on the forefront of smartphone display innovations like super AMOLED, foldable and high refresh rate displays.

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Even though a curved screen gives a more immersive viewing experience it stuffers from accidental touch issues and poor durability. A flat display is more durable and doesn’t have any touch issues. So it’s not all bad news with the flat display.

If Samsung decides to say farewell to the iconic curved screen feature it might be because of high cost. Curved screens are more costly to produce compared to flat screens. With rising inflation companies had to take various cost cutting majors.

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