Samsung E7 AMOLED: The next-gen OLED display ready to enter the industry

Samsung E7 AMOLED, the next generation of the flagship E6 OLED display has entered the industry. Samsung is always a step ahead in terms of making displays, especially for smartphones. They are the pioneer of curved displays in mobile phones. Though there is a rumor that has recently been highlighted is that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could have a flat-screen. The news is still a rumor, though it’s from a reliable source.

But the news that’s also exciting is that Samsung has already started manufacturing their next-generation E7 AMOLED display. This news has been posted by some reliable tipsters on the Chinese social platform Weibo. They confirmed that the mass production of the Samsung E7 OLED display has already started.

One of those tipsters, Digital Chat Station confirmed that this Samsung E7 Display will have 2K high resolution. Samsung is manufacturing both curved and flat versions of these new panels.

tipster digital chat station Weibo on Samsung e7 AMOLED display

Though the detailed specifications aren’t available on the internet yet. But we will let you know when it’s available to us.

Xiaomu Digital StationDigital Chat Station
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