Samsung E6 AMOLED: Brightest Smartphone Display Ever

Samsung Display is the largest OLED display manufacturer in the world. All the major smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Samsung use Samsung-made AMOLED displays on their flagship phones.

Features of Samsung E6 AMOLED display

The Samsung E6 AMOLED technology features 12-bit (68.7 billion colors) depth. This is an improvement from the previous 10-bit (1.07 billion colors) panels. This higher color depth is useful for HDR, HDR10 +, and Dolby Vision content. E6 AMOLED also has 1440 Hz PWM Dimming and reduction of blue lights for less eye strain.

Vivo X90 Pro with Samsung E6 AMOLED Display on a table in dark environment showing the features of E6 Amoled display

Another feature of the E6 AMOLED display is LTPO 4.0 technology. Most of the flagship phones use a high refresh rate display. LTPO displays reduce power consumption by dynamically adjusting the frequency of the display according to the content on the display. With the LTPO version 4.0, power consumption would be further reduced.

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E6 AMOLED panels allow you to have very high peak Brightness. We have seen phones using E6 AMOLED screens having a peak Brightness of 1800 nits to 2600 nits so far.

a smartphone with samsung e6 amoled display on a white table

Samsung E6 Amoled Display phones

There are already several phones released on the market with this E6 AMOLED display. Vivo released their flagship smartphone, the Vivo X90 Pro+ which has E6 AMOLED panel with 1,800 nits peak Brightness.

Oppo Find X6 pro use a Samsung E6 Display that can reach up to 2500 nits of peak brightness. The upcoming OnePlus 12 is also expected to use the same panel as Find X6. The upcoming iQOO 11S will also offer this E6 AMOLED display.

Xiaomi’s 13 series of flagship phones launched with E6 OLED panel with 2K resolution and, 2600 nits peak brightness. Apple also uses E6 AMOLED panels in the iPhone 14 Pro series with a peak brightness of 2300 nits. Samsung’s own Galaxy S23 Ultra uses an E6 OLED panel with a peak brightness of 2200 nits.

Key Features of Samsung E6 AMOLED display at a glance

  • Supports 12-bit color space
  • Supports Hi-Frequency DC Dimming up to 1440 Hz
  • Brightness up to 2600 nits
  • Comes with LTPO 4.0
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