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Another Xiaomi 13 Ultra alleged hands-on image confirmed the back design

Xiaomi’s flagship number series always comes with special features. The currently latest flagship 12S Ultra came with a massive 1-inch main camera sensor which surprised everyone. Though it’s not as high resolution as Samsung’s 200MP sensor but this 1″ 50MP captures enough sharp images. There are already so many leaks about the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra but the design wasn’t confirmed yet.

Though some render claims to be closer to the real Xiaomi 13 Ultra. We also have seen an alleged live image of the device, Though there was doubt as the image doesn’t match with the renders.

A person at his working desk holding the alleged Xiaomi 13 Ultra that have leathered back panel
Previously leaked image (source: at the bottom of the post)

But today, a hands-on image of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra was posted in Weibo that matches with a previously leaked hands-on image. So this might be the true design of the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

This time the hands-on image of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra revealed the camera module design. If we try to find similarities with the previously leaked hands-on image then they match perfectly.

a person wearing a white jacket holding the alleged Xiaomi 13 Ultra device

Though the currently leaked image isn’t that detailed but enough to match with the previously leaked one. Both refer to the same element position inside the camera module. In both images, there are two separate LED flashes located at the very bottom of the circular camera module.

Both images refer to the ultra-wide camera position at the bottom left corner of the camera module. The periscope camera is on the top right of the camera bump.

These are some similarities that we found in both hands-on images. The first hands-on image is more detailed. It shows the leather back panel what slopes upwards where the camera module starts.


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