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Xiaomi unveils New operating system named ‘HyperOS’

In an exciting announcement today, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun unveiled the successor to MIUI 14. A new operating system, named ‘HyperOS,’ is set to debut with the Xiaomi 14 series of smartphones. The announcement has filled Xiaomi fans with excitement.

It had long been rumored that Xiaomi is working on a new OS called MiOS which was expected to be the successor of MIUI 14. On the other hand, some features of MIUI 15 were already shared online such as the new mifs file system. But today, a new OS from Xiaomi was officially unveiled called The HyperOS. The HyperOS is probably a rebrand of MiOS and the future of MIUI 15 is currently uncertain.

Why HyperOS ?

Xiaomi boasts an extensive ecosystem of products, encompassing over 200 different categories. This wide range includes smartphones, TVs, laptops, kitchen appliances, IoT devices, and even forthcoming cars. Xiaomi hopes to interconnect all those devices with a single self developed OS.

The HyperOS eligible Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi HyperOS

HyperOS is based on Android, most probably the latest Android 14. It has been in development for a decade since 2014 and is now set to be featured in devices starting in 2024. The first device to come equipped with HyperOS is the Xiaomi 14 series set to launch before the 11.11 shopping festival.

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Xiaomi HyperOS was marked as a ‘historic moment’ by Lei Jun. Xiaomi enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike can look forward to a more interconnected and efficient future, where HyperOS serves as the cornerstone of Xiaomi’s vision for a fully integrated ecosystem. Stay tuned for the latest developments as Xiaomi continues to redefine the way we interact with technology.

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