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Realme might bring periscope telephoto in mid-range category

Realme might be the pioneer of periscope Telephoto camera in mid-budget smartphones. According to a recent rumor, Realme 12 Pro Plus will include a periscope Telephoto lens in its camera setup. This is the first time we’re hearing such a rumor. Although it seems unbelievable, it is not impossible to offer a telephoto camera in mid budget segment smartphones. Let’s learn why.

In recent years, The mid-budget segment smartphones from Chinese brands has improved a lot. They are considered as the most value for money smartphones. They are gradually starting to offer features that were previously exclusive to Flagship smartphones.

Realme 11 pro plus with curved AMOLED display
Realme 11 Pro Plus curved display

Realme started offering curved AMOLED displays from the Realme 10 series. Xiaomi started to use a metal frame in the Redmi Note 13 series. So we are getting flagship features in mid budget segment smartphones.

Adding flagship features also results in a quiet price increase. With some new features every year, the price gets higher. Following this trend, the upcoming mid tier Chinese smartphones might also include the telephoto camera as a flagship feature.

The previously leaked render of Realme 12 Pro Plus also refers to a new type of camera sensor in its camera module. That might be the periscope telephoto that we are talking about.

Leaked render image of Realme 12 pro plus

The current rumor of the periscope telephoto refers only to the Realme 12 Pro Plus. On the contrary, Redmi Note 13 series, the main competitor of the Realme 12 series. We don’t have any rumors on the telephoto camera in the Redmi Note series. But if Realme ends up bringing a telephoto camera in their 13 Pro Plus, we will get the similar approach from its competitors too.

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