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2 New Xiaomi Phones have received TEENA certification

Two new Xiaomi phones have received certification from the Chinese certification site TEENA. As Xiaomi releases its phones first in China, they need to receive certification from their domestic certification sites before they release a new product. Recently 2 new Xiaomi phones received TEENA certification. This means these two new models might be launched in China soon.

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According to the certification data from TEENA, these two smartphones bear the following model numbers 23090RA98C and 2312DRA50C. We obtained some limited information about those devices from their site.

Both devices behind these model numbers 23090RA98C and 2312DRA50C are 5G supported devices. Also, both of them have dual SIM support.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information about this phone yet. We hope they will update more information about these products from their website in future.

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