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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses 3X Optical zoom instead of 5X

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was a milestone as a camera phone as it offers flexibility in different focal length. Samsung used 2 optically zoomed lenses, the 3X for potrait shots and 10X for further zoom. As the successor of Galaxy S23 Ultra, it was rumored that Galaxy S24 Ultra will use 5X optical zoom lens instead of 3X. But a new report suggest different approach.

As per some relaiable tipsters, Samsung is still going to use a 3X camera sensor in their Galaxy S24 Ultra. But the upgrade will be in the resolution of the sensor. Instead of the 10MP sensor of Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung will use a 50MP sensor. With this high resolution sensor, Samsung will be able to achive a better quality 5X cropped image.

Not only the resolution jump, the sensor is now ignificantly bigger than its predecessor. The sensor size of this new 50MP sensor is 1/2.52 inch. This new sensor is 39.7% larger than the 1/3.52 inch 3X telephoto of Galaxy S23 Ultra. The pixel size of this new telephoto sensor is 0.7μm when unbinned.

With this new, larger telephoto sensor, Samsung will be able to generate images with great details in both 3X lossless and 5X cropped shots. The 5X focal lenth with great image quality will be useful street and potrait photography.

smartphone periscope telephoto camera hardware on a dark background

Other smartphone manufacturers use two sensor for 5X zoom. Xiaomi uses 3.2X and 5X telephoto sensor on their Xiaomi Fold 3. Though optical zoom is always better, Samsung’s 5X digital zoom should be very close as of using a better sensor. We still don’t have details if this 3X is Samsung’s own sensors or from other brands like Sony or Omnivision.

Though its being said that the 10X telephoto is still a 10MP sensor. We already heard that Samsung already started working on their upcoming Galaxy S24 series. So we will be able to tell more about it in coming days.

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