The new Samsung UFS 4.0 flash memory is significantly better than UFS 3.1

For a long time Android smartphones were playing catch-up with Apple when it comes to smartphone storage speed. Android flagships always used Samsung made UFS flash storage and Apple used NVMe storage which is significantly faster than UFS. But With Samsung’s new UFS 4.0 storage they finally surpassed Apple’s NVMe storage performance.

UFS stands for ‘embedded Universal Flash Storage.’ Previously Samsung’s high-speed UFS offered much faster data processing and greater energy efficiency than the eMMC (embedded Multimedia Card) storage. But it was slower than NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) storage.

Ufs 4.0 stroage

Depending on what type of storage used on a smartphone, it affects the performance of the device like apps opening speed and file export speed. That’s why smartphone manufacturers always use the fastest available storage on their flagship phones. And with the new UFS 4.0 flash storage android flagships performance will be significantly improved.

According to Samsung “UFS 4.0 is flash storage built for a smarter, slimmer, more powerful era of mobile. With a massive 1TB capacity, it delivers double the speed of the previous generation and 45% better efficiency – removing speed bottlenecks for faster smartphones, smoother VR, and more responsive driving experiences”. These upgrades are important because it allows smartphones to reach new levels of performance like support for 8K multimedia contents.

Ufs 4.0, 3.1, 3.0 comparison

UFS 4.0 reaches up to 23.2Gbps data transfer per channel. It has a read speeds of 4200MBps and write speeds of 2800MBps. UFS 4.0 use 7th generation V-NAND technology. UFS 4.0 had 1.6x speed increase compared to UFS 3.1 which has a read speed of 2100MBps and write speed 1200MBps. Majority of the flagship phones in 2023 will use UFS 4.0 flash storage.

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