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Apple might add a new Ultra model in the iPhone 15 lineup !

The iPhone 14 series of smartphones launched only 3 months ago. And we already started to get leaks and rumours about the iPhone 15 series.

Usually we get three models every year which are the vanilla model, the pro model and the pro max model. But for the first time we might get an ultra model in the iPhone 15 lineup. The Ultra model is nothing new in the android market. Samsung, Xiaomi and ZTE have the Ultra smartphone in their flagship smartphone lineup.

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Some details and renders of iPhone 15 ultra leaked online. It will have flat glass back with curved edges. Apple will also use a titanium chassi for a strong, premium and lightweight build. This could be the first major smartphone brand to use titanium chassi. The only other smartphone with a titanium chassi is the Essential phone.

iPhone 15 ultra will also have a 6x periscope zoom camera. As usual Apple is very late to the party when it comes to high zoom cameras. All the major android manufacturer have already incorporated the periscope style zoom camera in different focal length ( 4.5x, 5x, 10x)

iPhone 15 Ultra is going to have TypeC port
Renders shared by @VadimYuryev on Twitter

Apple is finally bringing USB-C to the iPhone. All the flagship smartphones since 2016 switched to the USB-C except Apple. Apple used their own proprietary lightning cable. But the EU recently passed a law that requires every portable electric device ( smartphone, laptop, camera) to have USB-C for charging.

There will be a new bronze colour. As well as a new shade of navy blue.

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