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OnePlus Ace2 Pro released: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 24GB Memory and more

Today, Oneplus launched their new semi-flagship smartphone at their launch event in China. The newly launched Oneplus Ace2 Pro comes with a bunch of new exciting features. Let’s have a look at the key features and the pricing of the Oneplus Ace2 Pro.

Oneplus Ace2 Pro comes with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile chipset. This is the top-tier chipset of 2023 and has been used by every flagship of the year. This new Oneplus device is equipped with 24GB RAM for the top variant. This 24GB RAM trend has already started in the Chinese market. The recently launched Redmi K60 Ultra also comes with this 24GN RAM variant. Apart from this huge amount of RAM, Oneplus Ace2 Pro also offers the latest 1TB UFS4.0 storage.

Another exciting feature of the Oneplus Ace2 Pro is the screen technology. Oneplus Ace2 Pro used its self-developed chipset that allows users to easily use their phone even when the screen or the finger is wet. This new technology actually works and has been compared with iPhone 14 Pro. Besides this new feature, Oneplus Ace2 Pro features a 1.5K 120Hz OLED Curved display. The display also supports high-frequency DC dimming to reduce eye strain while using the phone.

Test comparison between OnePlus Ace 2 pro and iphone 14 pro max

Two other new and impressive features that Oneplus Ace2 Pro brings is actually the cooling and the Vibration motor. Oneplus uses 9140mm² VC which is the largest in any smartphone ever. They claimed that this new cooling chamber will keep the device 1-2°C cooler than other devices.

The Oneplus uses a 0916 X-axis linear motor inside the Ace2 Pro. This is the largest vibration motor on any Android Phone ever. A larger vibration motor is always better and can simulate better haptic feedback than smaller motors. It would be great if Oneplus implement haptics in even more areas of the ColorOS. This will greatly improve the user experience.

oneplus ace2 pro and its pricing on a black background

The pricing of the new Oneplus Ace2 Pro was also mentioned at the launch event. The pricing with the variants are mentioned below.

  • 12GB+256GB at 2999 yuan
  • 16GB+512GB at 3399 yuan
  • 24GB+1TB at 3999 yuan
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