Samsung is developing to a 1 inch and 440 Megapixel camera sensor

When it comes to very high resolution camera sensors the Samsung comes to mind. They are the 2nd largest camera sensor manufacturer after Sony. In the past few years Samsung released very high resolution camera sensors like the 108MP HM2 and 200MP HP1. And now they are planning to expand the high resolution sensor lineup.

According to a renowned leakster Revegnus on X Samsung is working on three new sensors, the 50MP ISOCELL GN6, 200MP ISOCELL HP7, and 440MP ISOCELL HU1. There also appears to be a 4th unspecified 320MP sensor. This Samsung ISOCELL sensors rumoured to being mass-produced in the latter half of 2024

Samsung 1 inch sensor Reference picture

The ISOCELL GN6 will be Samsung’s first 1 inch sensor with a pixel size of 1.6┬Ám in 50MP mode. It will be the successor to the GN2 sensor. This is going to be the first sensor to rival Sony’s 1 inch IMX989 which was used in several ultra flagship smartphones in 2023. There is also a 200MP ISOCELL HP7 sensor which is the successor to the ISOCELL HP2 on the s23 Ultra. HP7 is reported to debit on the s25 ultra.

But the most interesting sensor that had everyone hyped is the 440 Megapixel ISOCELL HU1 sensor. Specific details about the sensor are unknown. This could be a larger than 1 inch sensor. Report suggests this might be intended for cars and industrial use instead of smartphones.

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