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Samsung officially released the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor

Samsung officially unveiled their next generation flagship camera sensor, the 200MP ISOCELL HP2. Samsung is said to feature this sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It will be an upgrade from the last year’s 108MP sensor.

ISOCELL HP2 sensor has Samsung’s Tetra²pixel pixel binding technology which can simulate different size pixels to adjust with different amounts of lighting. In low light environments the sensor can simulate either a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor by combining 4 to 16 pixels.
Tetra²pixel pixel diagram

The effective resolution of the HP2 sensor is 200MP (16,384 x 12,288) with the Pixel Size of 0.6μm. In 12.5MP and 50MP mode the Pixel size is 2.4μm and 1.2μm. The sensor is 1/1.3 inch.

It has the Tetra²pixel RGB Bayer Pattern Color filter. The frame rates are 15 fps at full 200MP, 30 fps at 50MP, and 120 fps at 12.5MP. Video frame rates are 30 fps at 8K, 120 fps at 4K, and 480 fps at Full HD.
HP2 has an Electronic rolling shutter. The ADC accuracy is 10-bits. The supply voltage of the sensor is 2.2V for analog, 1.0V for MIPI, 1.8V or 1.2V for I/O, and 0.92V for digital core supply.

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The operating temperature of the sensor is -20℃ to +85℃. The sensor has super QPD auto focus. It also has Smart-ISO Pro (iDCG) and Dual slope gain. The output formats is RAW10/12 and the analog gain is 128x with high conversion gain.

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