Sony unveiled a new series of revolutionary smartphone sensors called LYTIA

Sony is one of the top smartphone camera sensor manufacturer in the world. All the major brands except Samsung use Sony image sensors on their flagship and mid-range smartphones.

Sony IMX brand of smartphone camera sensor were extremely popular and building on their success, Sony introduced a new brand of smartphone image sensors called “LYTIA” in November last year. Now they just released 5 new LYTIA branded sensors.

Current generations of Sony smartphone image sensors are very advanced thanks to Sony’s innovative image sensors. Sony’s 1-inch type sensor is a good example, as it’s the preferred choice for most flagship smartphones. But these new generations of five LYTIA sensors namely LYT900, LYT800, LYT700, LYT600, and LYT500 will be revolutionary.

Sony new LYTIA image sensor list

These five sensors were made for smartphones at different price points. LYT900 is the flagship product in the LYTIA sensor lineup. With a size of 1/0.98 inches and an effective pixel count of approximately 50 megapixels, the LYT900 will probably replace the IMX989 in the future.

LYT800 is a premium model that rivals the high-quality 1” type sensor First sensor. It’s size 1/1.43 with 53 effective megapixel image sensor with 2-layer transistor pixel structure enabling excellent saturation signal level.

The LYT700 1/1.5” inch model, optimized for the slim profile of smartphones. It’s a 50 MP stacked CMOS image sensor. This model will probably replace the very popular IMX766. This Sensor retains high-end features such as multiple high dynamic range (HDR) methods

The LYT600 sensor, with a size of 1/2 inches type sensor also has 50 MP stacked CMOS image sensor. This size became a popular choice for 5X periscope telephoto lenses in flagship phones.

And the LYT500 is going to be the new standard for front camera sensor. This model optimized for shooting selfies with a 1/2.9” inches sensor that delivers high 50-megapixel image quality and always-on functionality.

We just got news that the upcoming Xperia Pro-I II might offer dual 1-inch camera setup. It is possible that Sony will use the 1-Inch type sensor from this new LYTIA series of sensors. We might see LYTIA sensors equipped phone coming to the market towards the end of this year.


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