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Xperia Pro-I II Allegedly Offer Dual 1-inch Sensor Camera

Sony’s mobile division is dedicated to some very niche users who are very serious about photography. Users who knows and understand how to capture a good image with having control over all the settings and adjustments that traditional cameras offer. But most of the general people just want a one click method over messing up with different parameters of the camera. Point and shot is also a very convenient way to capture photo which is also processed with the modern processing algorithms. Google uses their intensive HDR+ algorithms to even out high contrast scenes in their Pixel phones. Samsung uses their modern color science to produce pop images that are ready to post on social medias that we’ve seen with their flagship S23 series. But Sony isn’t seen to join the processing race with other brands. Sony is highly dedicated to raw hardware control and natural looking images.

Not only processing algorithms, smartphone brands are also aware of using high-end hardware to improve smartphone photography. Since 2022, most of the flagship smartphones like Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Vivo X90 Pro Plus and more are offering 1-inch type sensor with their phone. Larger sensor size improves image quality significantly than smaller sensors. Sony also made a phone with 1-inch sensor before, which is the Xperia Pro-I. That phone showed the real power of having larger sensor in manual photography. This time the Xperia Pro-I II, the successor of the Pro-I rumored to feature two 1-inch sensors on the back.

That’s unbelievable news to most of us, as no smartphone brands have already done that. Sony never done any new groundbreaking improvement with their phones. But this time, as per some leaks, it seems that Sony really taking the photography very seriously in hardware level. Sony unveiled a new series of revolutionary smartphone sensors called LYTIA. One of these new sensors can be used in the upcoming Xperia Pro-I II.

This news was rumored by a tipster on Chaises social platform Weibo. He shared an alleged schematic of the upcoming Xperia Pro-I II. The schematic refers to a dual camera setup on the back and a 3D TOF module.

schematic of sony xperia pro-i ii in a white background
Check below of the post for image source

The dual camera modules are larger than most of the Sony phones. The predecessor also offered a 1-inch sensor, which also had this large circle on the module. So this 2 large sensor cutout can also be for 2 dedicated large sensors. The phone might also offer a variable aperture feature.

Another possible thing is that Sony might introduce a periscope telephoto sensor with larger aperture hole. And another one will be the 1-inch sensor. That’s why they are using large camera cutout.

The schematic also refers to a dual LED flash system. There is also that dedicated shutter button on the right side of the phone.


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