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Google Pixel phones 2023-25 roadmap!

Roadmap for all the Google pixel phones that will be released in 2023-2025 are leaked online. It shows several new phone’s including foldable phones.

There will be two Pixel phones launched in early 2023. There is pixel 7a codenamed (lynx) and pixel Fold codenamed (felix). The price for the Pixel 7a will be the same as the Pixel the Pixel 6a ($499). Pixel Fold price expected to be around $1,799.

Later in 2023 Google will launch flagship phones. There will be two phones. The Pixel 8 codenamed (shiba) and the Pixel 8 Pro codenamed (husky). Price for the Pixel 8 series is unknown.

The Pixel 8 series will be equipped with the Tensor G3 codenamed (zuma). Tensor G3 currently in development.

Pixel 8a (akita) in early 2024 could be scrapped if the sales of the Pixel 7a weren’t good. In the fall of 2024 Google will launch the Pixel 9 series. There will be Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro codenamed (komodo). The pixel 9 pro will have a 6.7″ display.

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Google’s plan in 2025 will be heavily dependent on the success or failure of its 2023-24 plans. If 2023-24 plans are successful then they will stick to similar plans. If not successful then they will have to think of a new plan.

There could be a Flip style foldable phone in the works alongside the tablet style foldable. Regular Pixel series would include the flip-style foldable and non-folding vanilla model. There could be 2 Pro-level devices. One foldable and one non-folding.


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