MediaTek Dimensity 9300 officially launched: Here’s everything you need to know

MediaTek, one of the world’s top smartphone chip makers, has just unveiled their latest flagship SoC, the Dimensity 9300, which features an ‘All Big Core’ CPU architecture. This marks the first instance of a mobile processor being released with such a configuration. This chipset has the potential to redefine the standards of smartphone SoC.


It has 4+4 core configuration (No efficiency cores) 1 × 3.25GHz Cortex X4 + 3 × 2.85GHz Cortex X4 + 4 × 2.0GHz Cortex A720. In comparison to the Dimensity 9200, the Dimensity 9300 achieves:

  • 15% increase in performance while maintaining the same energy consumption.
  • Improved multi-core performance up to 30%.
  • 8MB L3 cache + 10MB system cache
  • TSMC’s new generation 4nm process
  • 22.7 billion transistors
  • LPDDR5T 9600Mbps RAM support
  • UFS 4.0 storage support


Immortalis-G720 MC12 1300MHz. (12-core) Compared to the Dimensity 9200, the Dimensity 9300 GPU offers significant enhancements:

  • 46% performance boost while maintaining the same energy consumption.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by 40% while achieving similar performance levels.
  • The upgrades include global light tracing, an enhanced geometry processing engine, and a 40% bandwidth optimization.
  • 2x Multi-sampling anti-aliasing.
  • Hardware light tracing performance is increased by 46%.
  • 2x pixel blending operation output capability.
  • The texture transfer throughput is doubled as well.

MediaTek Dimensity 9300


Dimensity 9300 image processor is the Imagiq 990 boasts several advanced features,including:

  • Support for 16-layer image semantic segmentation.
  • Dual depth of field and light spot engines.
  • Full-pixel focus overlay for 2x lossless zoom.
  • An OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) core to enhance image stability and quality.
  • 320MP camera support
  • 8K at 30fps & 4K 60fps video support

Artificial intelligence (AI):

It uses MediaTek’s next-generation APU 790 AI processor in the chipset. Compared to the Dimensity 9200 it achieves:

  •  Enhancement of generative AI performance and energy efficiency.
  • 2x the integer and floating-point operations performance.
  • Significant reduction of power consumption by 45% through these improvements.
  • Utilization of mixed-precision INT4 quantization technology.
  • Coupling with NeuroPilot memory hardware compression to optimize memory bandwidth.
  • Efficiently supporting large AI models with scalability up to 33 billion parameters.


  • Wi-Fi 7 with MLO support
  • Xtra Range 2.0 for a 4.5m transmission distance increase
  • Bluetooth 5.4 support
  • 42% increase in connection speed
  • Latency reduced to less than 35ms
  • 20% reduction in 5G+AI network interruptions

The first phone to feature the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 will be the vivo X100 series, set to launch on November 13. Some other expected models to feature the Dimensity 9300 include the OPPO Find X7 series, Redmi K70 series. MediaTek Dimensity 9300 pushes the boundary of semiconductor technology.


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