Samsung unveiled a new image sensor with worlds smallest 0.56µm pixel!

Samsung just unveiled a new 200 megapixels camera sensor with the world’s smallest 0.56µm pixel. This is the highest megapixels image sensor ever created.

Samsung’s new 200 MP image sensor comes with several new technologies. One of those are the ultra-fine pixel technologies. This technology allows small sensor’s to have more pixel that can capture highly detailed photos

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They also improved their existing ISOCELL pixel technology. In ISOCELL pixel technology they isolate each individual pixel with a reflective material to help increase light sensitivity. ISOCELL pixel technology gathers 30% more light than a regular BSI sensor.


Anyone who has some knowledge about image sensors would tell you that small pixels are bad for low light environments. To capture sharp and low noise photos in low light Samsung uses Pixel Binning Technology which combines multiple pixels into single big pixels.


Samsung’s Tetrapixel, Nonapixel, and Tetra² pixel technology merge four, nine, and sixteen pixels into a large pixel which allow our smartphone to capture ultra high quality pictures.

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Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphone camera sensors. We might see smartphones coming to market with this new 200 MP sensor starting early next year.


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