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RedMagic 8 Pro’s next-Gen specifications are leaked!

The RedMagic 8 Pro is said to be worlds first Gaming to come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Not only the chipset it may offer some next-gen tech with it. There are so many leaks spreading around the internet about this phone. So we collected some of the most trusted leaks available for now.

The RedMagic 8 Pro isn’t going to be a compact phone in any way like most of the gaming centric phones. The phone might have a 6.8″ display. But the thing which isn’t so common in smartphones nowadays is the display tech. The leaks suggest that RedMagic 8 Pro’s display will offer 165Hz buttery smooth display as well as a under display camera technology in it. So there won’t be any distraction while gaming or consuming media.

The camera tech has never been a selling point for a gaming phone. RedMagic 8 Pro won’t be any exception offering 50+8+2MP triple camera setup and a 16MP under screen camera on the front.

16GB RAM will work with the mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and that’s gonna be wild for gaming. There is said to have 1TB massive internet storage.

OnePlus 11 is being spotted in various certification sites!

RedMagic 8 Pro will have 6000mAh battery in its chassis and a 165W super fast charging tech for refueling it.

And that’s what we could collect about the RedMagic 8 Pro. Stay tuned with us to get latest news about smartphones and gadgets.

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