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More images of the iPhone 15 braided USB-C cable has come out

We have got more images of the iPhone 15 braided USB-C cable from a different source. The day before Yesterday, we shared the news that iPhone 15 series might come with a braided USB-C cable in the box. But the images weren’t from the original source. But today, we have got some more images of the braided cables of the iPhone 15 series.

This time, the source who leaked the images of iPhone 15 braided cables is @KosutamiSan on X. The source shared some images of the black color USB-C cable which Apple calls graphite color. In our previous news, we also showed this Graphite color cable along with 3 more color variants. It’s expected that Apple will pair these cables with their matched colored iPhones.

According to the source, these cables feature SR(Strain Relief) cable protection plastic tubes before both ends. These tubes are used to protect the wire from stretching while bending at the connection point to the male port.

These images makes the rumor strong that iPhone 15 actually might come with braided USB-C cable. This will be another new addition to the iPhone 15 series alongside the USB-C port in iPhones.


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