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Redmi Note 11 (spes) | HyperOS Downloads and Installation Guide

It’s been a while since Xiaomi released HyperOS along with their Xiaomi 14 series smartphones in China. The porting community for MIUI ROMs has been always very active for Xiaomi devices. There is no exception for Redmi Note 11. The HyperOS ports for Redmi Note 11 are now available to download and install.

We have collected all the HyperOS ports ever made for Redmi Note 11 devices and shared them on this webpage. You will find the most contextual and insightful information on those ports along with the guidelines for installing HyperOS on Redmi Note 11 devices.

Redmi Note 11 HyperOS Downloads

Device Codename HyperOS
Build Date Android Size Link Build Type Maintainer Community
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1.0.3.0 26/02/2024 14 3.8GB Download Unofficial Link
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1.0.2.0 CN 17/02/2024 13 3.1GB Download Unofficial @Fazokhan Link
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1. 06/02/2024 14 2.9GB Download Unofficial @Parvez52 Link
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1.0 23.9.18 08/01/2024 13 2.8GB Download Unofficial @Fazokhan Link
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1.0.3.0 28/12/2023 14 3.6GB Download Official Beta xiaomi Link
Redmi Note 11 spes OS1.0.26.0 13/12/2023 14 3.4GB Download Unofficial @Pikachu_vmax Link

Reasons to install HyperOS on Redmi Note 11 device

Xiaomi HyperOS

If you have seen HyperOS UI, there are not a lot of changes over the MIUI 14. The changes are very minimal and you might not notice most of them. The main addition to HyperOS is insane the lock screen customization.

Lock screen customization

This is very different and customizable than the lock screen customization of stock Android 14. You can choose the lock screen clock style from a huge list of styles. HyperOS added the depth effect (like iOS) to some selected wallpapers. You can also choose different filters to apply on the wallpaper while on the lock screen.

However, it still lacks lock screen widgets support by default like Nothing OS and iOS. We hope Xiaomi will add it soon.

Smoothness and responsiveness

Developers at Xiaomi have worked a lot to improve the smoothness of the UI of Xiaomi devices. It shows up too while using HyperOS. Other Chinese OEMs are also trying to achieve iOS-level smoothness in terms of animations.

The FPS for the animations was increased a lot compared to MIUI 14. But to get that consistent smoothness you need a decent-performing phone. Also, a phone’s higher refresh rate display will help to display those extra frames.

There are a lot of reasons to try the new HyperOS ROM if you still using MIUI or AOSP ROMs.

Guides to install HyperOS on Redmi Note 11 (Spes/ Spesn)

Warning! Installing unofficial ROMs may void the warranty of your device. These processes are also dangerous and may brick your device if you do anything wrong. Finally, I won’t be responsible for any damage to your device after installing these ROMs. We don’t build but just share the ROMs with you. So try at your own risk.

Prerequisites to install HyperOS on Redmi Note 11

  1. Create a backup of your data. The process will wipe them from your device.
  2. Unlock the bootloader of your Redmi Note 11 device.
  3. Install the recommended custom recovery.
  4. Download a HyperOS port from this webpage.

Steps to install HyperOS on Redmi Note 11

  1. Turn off your device and Boot into the custom recovery by pressing and holding the Volume Up and Power key at the same time.
  2. In the recommended TWRP recovery, wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, and Data partitions
  3. Go back and flash the ROM from where you’ve stored it.
  4. Go back and Format data from Wipe/Format Data
  5. Go back and Reboot into the system, the first boot takes time. So don’t panic.

I hope your device has successfully booted into the newly installed HyperOS setup page. You’ll need to log in to your Xiaomi account to continue the setup process.

Frequently asked questions about HyperOS ports on Redmi Note 11

Do I need to clean Flash when installing it for the first time?

Yes, always clean flash if you are coming from a different room. Otherwise expect bootloop, bugs, etc.

Is the MIUI Camera included in the HyperOS ports?

Yes, the MIUI Leica camera is included in almost all the HyperOS ports for Redmi Note 11.

This webpage will be updated when there’s a new updated port of HyperOS available for Redmi Note 11. So feel free to check out AndroidStory for future HyperOS updates for your device.

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