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HyperOS firmware Downloads | For Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40 (Alioth)

Xiaomi recently unveiled their new self-developed mobile operating system named ‘HyperOS‘ with the launch of the Xiaomi 14 series. Now it’s being officially rolled out for many recent Xiaomi devices. As Poco F3/ Mi 11X/ Redmi K40 ended it’s software support period it will not get official HyperOS update.

But being a branded Xiaomi device, it’s blessed with custom rom support. Custom ROM developers already ported HyperOS for many officially not eligible Xiaomi devices. Now it’s finally available for the Poco F3/ K40/ Mi 11x.

Latest HyperOS Downloads for Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40

HyperOS Ports By Mohamoud for Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40

poco f3 hyperos port by mohamoud
Image Credit: @iVhm3d

Maintainer: @MMETMA2

Android Version: 14

Kernel: Perf Kernel

Support: Unavailable

Updated: 04/02/2024
Changelogs v1.
  • Added an option to show weather in notifications shade
  • Add "disable flag secure" option
  • Fixed little animation stutters
  • Fixed non colored notifications icons in notifications shade
  • Added MiPad volume panel
Notes from the maintainer
  • You can dirty flash over my previous build
  • Kernel Stock perf
  • Decrypted
  • Multi Languages (
  • System fully read/write
  • Leica Camera 5.2
  • Device certified by default (don't flash integrity fix modules or it'll fail)
  • New screenshots
  • How to enable 90hz
  • Flashing instructions
Download v1.
Updated: 30/01/2024
Changelogs v1.
  • Switched back to k60 (mondrian) base
  • Improved smoothness but as a result "Core patch" probably won't work
  • Fixed initial crash for some users
  • Added app vault mod by Kashi
  • Improved the IOS status bar theme
  • Added shortcuts for themes and app vault server changing settings and a shortcut to the themes (because most people didn't know they existed)
  • Switched to latest orangefox recovery
Notes from the maintainer
  • You can dirty flash over my previous build
  • Based on Redmi K60 (mondrian)
  • Kernel is Stock perf
  • Decrypted
  • System fully read/write
  • Leica 5.2
  • Device certified by default (don't flash integrity fix modules or it'll fail)
  • Multi Language
Download v1.
Updated: 20/01/2024
Changelogs v1.
  • Added everything like the previous builds
  • Added notifications histor
  • Enabled screenshot device frame for aliothin
  • Fix status bar clock color when applying a theme (xiaomi bug)
  • Fixed core patch wasn't working
Notes from the maintainer
  • You can dirty flash over my previous build
  • Kernel is Stock perf
  • Decrypted
  • Multi Languages (
  • System fully read/write
  • Leica 5.2
  • Multi Language
Download v1.
Updated: 14/01/2024
Changelogs v1.
  • All changes from previous builds included
  • Changed the base rom from redmi k60 to redmi k50 ultra because it's smoother
  • Fixed Hotspot settings crash
  • Fixed Play integrity, Device is certified by default again (don't use play integrity fix or it'll fail
  • Added Monet Carlos launcher by default
  • Fixed cropped status bar privacy chip
  • Fixed YouTube frame drop when playing a video
  • Added Arabic and Persian languages with English numbers
  • Fixed play integrity by default
  • unlocked higher fps in games
  • Fixed the problem that core patch wasn't working Not fixed
  • Fixed "colored notifications icons" for notifications shade
  • Number of notifications icons hase been moved to "Notifications & status bar" settings by xiaomi
  • Added more options for notifications icons count
  • Added new logo in settings and boot animation
  • Fixed the bug where no notifications where showing on the lock screen is the "always show notifications on lock screen" was disabled
  • improved dynamic island and added new option to disable dynamic island completely
  • Switch back to stock launcher for extra smoothness
  • Added more languages
  • Enable Google services by default
  • Added IOS status bar as an option in themes
  • Added 90Hz (choose 120hz then 90 to enable it)
  • Removed "Your find device storage is corrupted" Toast notification
Notes from the maintainer
  • Based on redmi k60 (mondrian)
  • Kernel is Stock perf
  • Decrypted
  • System fully read/write
  • Leica 5.2
  • Multi Language
Download v1.

HyperOS Guffy Edition Port for Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40

hyperos guffy edition

Maintainer: @GUFFYWa

Support Group

Changelog & Credits

Updated on 25.12.2023
Changelogs Guffy Dev
  • GuffyXos is Mixed Rom from all the hyper ROMs out there.
  • Play Store integration is not passed blame google
  • Skip the Google assistant in setup.
  • If you enable it , sound might be mute so if you enable it then disable ok google from setting
  • Added Baalam kernel by default ksu supported.
  • Added Ios Recent
  • Multi Language Supported
  • Added Hyper Boot Animation
  • Removed chinese ui in installation package
  • Added Theme Server (see in Notification option).
  • Added new about phone layout
  • Decrypt Build available
  • Fully Debloated everything
  • Double tap to lock Working fine
  • Unlimited Gphotos spoof
  • Unlock Higher FPS in games
  • Added Anti Flicker.
  • New settings layout
  • Added New Settings
Notes from the maintainer
  • If the Widget Not Downloading. Then First Place It On the Home Screen Then Try Downloading
  • Twrp included
  • Check changelogs before questioning.
  • After updating gboard if there is gap in enhance keyboard update the gboard from here(Gboard)
  • Let Rom Settle For Extra Smoothness
Download  Mirror 1 Mirror 2

HyperOS Global Port for Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40

xiapmi hyperos logo on a black background

Maintainer: @GeciSF

Android Version 14


Updated: 14/01/2024
Changelogs v1.
  • HyperOS Global ported from Poco F5(marble)
  • Initial build
  • Increased max notification icons
  • no other mods
  • to pass safetynet flash play integrity + shamiko
Notes from the maintainer

More HyperOS Ports for Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40

HyperOS EEA [Latest]

MediaFire | Google Drive | Telegram

HyperOS CN

Onedrive  | MediaFireTelegram

Steps to flash HyperOS on Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40:

  • Reboot into custom recovery
  • Wipe: Dalvik cache, Cache, data (for clean flash)
  • Flash ROM
  • Format data if u are an encrypted user
  • Reboot to system

Cautious: Can be dirty flashed over Stable but bugs can appear.

New features in HyperOS on your Mi 11X/Poco F3/Redmi K40 (Alioth)

If you have seen HyperOS UI, there are not a lot of changes over the MIUI 14. The changes are very minimal and you might not notice most of them. The main addition to HyperOS is insane the lock screen customization.

Lock screen customization

This is very different and customizable than the lock screen customization of stock Android 14. You can choose the lock screen clock style from a huge list of styles. HyperOS added the depth effect (like iOS) to some selected wallpapers. You can also choose different filters to apply on the wallpaper while on the lock screen.

However, it still lacks lock screen widgets support by default like Nothing OS and iOS. We hope Xiaomi will add it soon.

Smoothness and responsiveness

Developers at Xiaomi have worked a lot to improve the smoothness of the UI of Xiaomi devices. It shows up too while using HyperOS. Other Chinese OEMs are also trying to achieve iOS-level smoothness in terms of animations.

The FPS for the animations was increased a lot compared to MIUI 14. But to get that consistent smoothness you need a decent-performing phone. Also, a phone’s higher refresh rate display will help to display those extra frames.

There are a lot of reasons to try the new HyperOS ROM if you still using MIUI or AOSP ROMs.

HyperOS has some minor improvements over MIUI 14. The look of the UI is very similar to MIUI. If you’re expecting a completely new experience with this new OS then you will be disappointed. You can find more about HyperOS here


More screenshots

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