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CalyxOS V4.12 UNOFFICIAL for Redmi Note 10 Pro (Sweet)

CalyxOS, one of the most secure and privacy-focused Android Custom rom is now available for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max. Previously the CalyxOS was only and officially available to Pixel devices. Calyx team still support Pixel devices officially, but some enthusiast developer was able to port it to other devices. This is one of those unofficial ports of CalyxOS but for Redmi Note 10 Pro (Sweet/Sweetin).

What is CalyxOS and Why it’s special

CalyxOS is basically a MicroG-based Android OS where there is no control of Google over the phone that runs on the phone. Now why Google’s control over an Android Phone might be a Problem?

As we know, Android is an open-source project of Google. That means the OS is free to use and the OEM don’t have to buy it from Google to use it in their phones. As Google can’t earn money directly by selling their source code of the OS, they instead collect users’ data and use it to make money.

Google collects data such as device info, web pages the user is visiting, videos he is watching, apps he’s using, and so on. These data help Google to understand a user’s behavior and interests. Google uses the data collected from an Android user in order to better optimize their Ad serving over various Google platforms. This is good for the users as they are also watching the ad that they might be interested in.

Privacy features of calyx os


But for those users, who don’t feel free to share his/her personal data with Google, projects like the CalyxOS are created. Not Only CalyxOS but there are also some other AOSP projects that do the same. They basically use a library called MicroG which works very similar to Google Play Services. But with MicroG, you can use Google services anonymously without sharing your data with Google. In CalyxOS, the Google Play Services is replaced with MicroG.

But that doesn’t mean Google won’t serve ad to MicroG implemented devices. They only won’t be able to target you properly to serve ads you may like based on your data on Google. This might lead to viewing inappropriate ad as now Google don’t have data about you to show relevant ads. So it’s a downside of MicroG.

Calyx os features


But there are a couple of benefits of using MicroG implemented OS like CalyxOS. Normally Google collects some basic data from the device in background that users don’t notice. As Google don’t have Google Play Services in CalyxOS, they can’t retrieve data from your device. So there won’t be any unnecessary background process that would drain the battery slightly faster.

But the Notification API of Android depends on Google Play Services. As the Google Play Services is not available, the notifications will be delayed and may not work properly.

CalyxOS for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max

This is not the first release of unofficial CalyxOS for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max. To be exact, this is the 8th update of the CalyxOS. So we can expect a better system stability from this build. But if you expect it to be highly customizable rom like MIUI Port ROMs or Xiaomi HyperOS, then you might be disappointed. But the CalyxOS includes everything you will need to use your device properly without compromising much.

Basic ROM details of CalyxOS V4.12

  • Build Date: 30/08/2023
  • Android Version: 13
  • Android Security Patch: August 2023
  • SafetyNet Status: Passed

Features of CalyxOS V4.12 for Redmi Note 12 Pro/Max

There are a couple of features added to this version of CalyxOS. Let’s see them one by one.

Leica Camera

Leica Camera is one of the most popular and must have app on Xiaomi devices with custom ROM. It’s basically the ported camera app from Xiaomi 12S Ultra or Xiaomi 13 Ultra and later devices with Leica branding. The Leica camera won’t produce any Groundbreaking image quality except the Leica Vibrant mode. Normally the image quality will be same as the stock camera with a new filter option that produces vibrant image when turned on. The camera app UI is ported from the camera app of Leica branded Xiaomi devices.

Audio Features

ViPER4Android FX Audio Mod

ViPER4Android is one of the popular audio mod that give you a wide range of control on the audio quality. This is more than a equalizer. You can read more about ViPER4Android here. In CalyxOS, this audio modification app is given as a system app.

Other Audio features

Alongside the popular Viper4Android mod, this version of CalyxOS comes with the Pixel 7 Pro Spatial Audio feature. The Dolby Atmos now supports Apple Music codecs.


CalyxOS comes with MicroG replacing the Google Play Services. This prevents Google Services getting your personal data but also have some drawbacks as I’ve mentioned above.

Other Features

  • High Brightness Mode (HBM) added
  • DC Dimming Added
  • Safetynet Passed without Magisk or root

Screenshots of CalyxOS for Redmi Note 10 Pro

Download CalyxOS for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max

Calyx os on Redmi Note 10 Pro

Sourceforge | Telegram Channel

How to install CalyxOS in Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max

Installing CalyxOS is not that complicated as you might think. Just follow the steps given below:


  1. Download This Special version of Orangefox Recovery
  2. Latest MIUI 14.X firmware for your Region

Steps to install

  1. Reboot into your custom recovery like TWRP or OrangeFox
  2. Flash the special Orangefox Recovery
  3. Reboot to recovery
  4. Flash latest MIUI firmware
  5. Flash ROM
  6. Format Data
  7. Reboot to system


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