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This Android app uses Airdrop to send files to MAC

As Android is out of Apple’s ecosystem, using both seamlessly isn’t possible. One of the main issues that users face is transferring files between Android to Apple’s ecosystem. Though there are some that can do it, the experience isn’t top-end. But finally, there’s an app we recently discovered that uses actual Airdrop to send files from an Android phone to MAC.

This new app named WarpShare, was shared by Mishaal Rahman on X. He also attached a video that shows a Galaxy Z Flip 5 shares a file to a MAC seamlessly. Users will show the option to send it to MAC inside the share menu on their Android.

The reason why connecting an Apple device with Android isn’t seamless, Apple uses AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link, Apple’s proprietary WiFi-based protocol). Apple uses this to discover the other end of Apple’s device. But it is found that AWDL is only required for sending files from MAC to other Apple devices. This means MAC can receive files from any source without the need for AWDL.

So it’s possible to send files to MAC from Android via Airdrop. But as an Android device doesn’t have AWDL support, the user won’t be able to send files back to the Android device from MAC.

WarpShare app is an open-source project and can be found on GitHub.

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