iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max are not the same device

What if you hear that the iPhone 15 Pro Max won’t be the top model of the iPhone 15 series? Sounds unbelievable right? Most of us thought that the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max were the same phone. But now, the reports claim that they are different devices with a quite big margin.

According to the latest tips from @MajinBuOfficial on X, Apple could release iPhone 15 Ultra as a separate device. He also shared that the Pro Max model of the iPhone 15 series will come equipped with 6GB RAM and 1TB storage. But the Ultra model goes beyond 6GB RAM. The iPhone 15 Ultra may use 8GB RAM and Massive 2TB storage. This new tip strengthens the news of 2TB storage in the iPhone 15 Series.

a screenshot of the tweet of @MajinBuOfficial on X on the iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max

To further strengthen the rumor, he referred to some phone case listings of the iPhone 15 Series. The sellers listed a dedicated variant called iPhone 15 Ultra besides the Pro Max model. As the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max won’t fit the Ultra model, there might be changes in the design of the Ultra model. This hints at another new feature of the iPhone 15 Series.

Not only the massive storage and memory upgrade, but the rumored Periscope module might be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Ultra model. However, some previous rumors claimed that the periscope would be available in the Pro Max Model. Now the possibility of the Periscope in the iPhone 15 Ultra is higher than the possibility in the Pro Max.

a concept iPhone 15 ultra render showing the periscope camera
Concept image by @Shaileshhari03

Also if the Periscope module is used, the camera bump of the iPhone 15 Ultra should be larger than the Pro Max. This might be the reason why the case makers had to make a separate case for the Ultra model.


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