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MIUI 15 may adopt a new File System called MIFS

Xiaomi may finally have been doing some serious work on MIUI after a lot of time. We previously shared the news of a new default volume software feature of MIUI 15 for problematic volume buttons. According to some new rumors or leaks, Xiaomi will change the file system of MIUI 15 and use a unique file system. This new File System is called MIFS ( probably ‘MI File System’). This might be a completely new and potential file system for Android devices.

Almost all smartphones nowadays use ext4 file systems. This file system is proven to work well with the software and hardware used in smartphones. On the other side, MIFS could be a completely new file system on Android space. Though there is no information about this file system on the internet yet. This is maybe Xiaomi’s self-developed file system for MIUI 15.

As it is a new file system, the actual performance of this File system with Android devices hasn’t been tested yet. But we are hopeful about this rumor that claims this file system changes.

The recently launched Redmi K60 Ultra (which will be rebranded as Xiaomi 13T) will get MIUI 15 update soon. So we may not need to wait long to see the performance of this new file System with its hardware. Also, this is the first Xiaomi phone to get 4 years of Android updates and 5 years of security patches updates, in case you’ve missed the news.

a screenshot of the weibo of Digital Chat Station where he mentioned about the MIFS file system of MIUI 15
Link in the via section

Please note that it’s not an official news that MIUI 15 will use MIFS file system. But the news source is one of the most reliable tipster, Digital Chat Station. He shared some of the features of the upcoming MIUI 15 on Weibo and he included it there.

Digital Chat Station
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