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Pixel 8 series might have an eSIM-only variant

Pixel 8 series might actually have an eSIM-only variant like iPhone. eSIM is the new era of smartphone technology. It’s a must-have feature for future smartphones. By eSIM instead of the conventional SIM card tray hardware, the manufacturers can utilize the space inside the phone properly. That’s why many OEMs are heading toward eSIM technology. Apple already started making eSIM-only devices for selected regions.

It seems like Pixel is also following Apple’s strategy. The upcoming Pixel 8 series might have an eSIM-only variant. According to the renders of Pixel 8 by Onleaks, there is no SIM card tray mark on the frame of the device. This tipster previously made renders of Pixel 6 series, and Pixel 7 series devices. Those renders did include a SIM card tray mark on the frame. Thanks, Mishaal Rahman for bringing this to our attention.

2 pixel 8 smartphone on a white background
Retrieved from MySmartPrice.com

This renders was exclusively published on the MySmartPrice.com in collaboration with Onleaks. If you look closely, Pixel 8 doesn’t have a SIM card tray. But the renders of Pixel 8 Pro also made by Onleaks, published on Smartprix, don’t show the SIM card slot. But the writer of Smartprix added that the device has a SIM card tray on the left edge of the phone. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm it as the renders published on their site don’t show the left edge properly.

2 pixel 8 pro devices on a black background
Retrieved from SmartPrix.com

When asked Steve H. McFly, the owner of Onleaks, he said that he only made those renders based on the CAD file he obtained. He also added that anything his partner says isn’t his opinion. Steve H. McFly also said that CAD files sometimes don’t include all the details. But the chance of it is rare if we consider the precision of his previous renders.

On the flip side, a recently leaked live video of Pixel 8 Pro shows a SIM card tray on the left edge of the phone. So it’s possible that the Pixel 8 series have both eSIM-only and physical SIM supported variant.

But the news of eSIM-only Pixel 8 series can’t be avoided. According to Google announcement at MWC 2023, they are working on some eSIM functionality regarding the eSIM transfer inside Android Ecosystem. So this improved eSIM transfer functionality might be exclusively for eSIM-only Pixel 8 series devices. Google enabled dual-eSIM feature in Pixel 7 series devices via software. So it’s confirm that Google is working on eSIM on Pixel devices.

This eSIM-only strategy is first implemented by Apple, on their iPhone 14 series exclusively to USA models. So it’s expected that other OEMs will also adopt this transition to their phones.

Mishaal Rahman
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