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Pixel 7&7 Pro: Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update enables users to use dual active eSIM

eSIM is getting better and better day by day. Android manufacturers are using this tech in their flagship phones. Like other brands, Google also uses eSIM in their Pixel lineup. But one of the major limitations of the eSIM technology in Pixel devices was that users could only use one eSIM profile at a time. Even in Google’s latest Pixel 7 series, users can use only one eSIM.

The issues with one eSIM are obviously the limitations to use multiple SIMs at a time. eSIM should be advanced enough to run multiple SIM profiles simultaneously. According to T-Mobile, today’s flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can’t run two eSIM at the same time. Apple says that users of only iPhone 13 series can use two eSIM at the same time. The previous iPhones with eSIM support can only use a single eSIM profile at a time.

This was the case also for Pixel 7 series until Google launched Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update for Pixel 7 series. After the update, two eSIM profiles can be activated and used at the same time. A user of Pixel 7 series reported that the dual eSIM feature just started working on their phone after the update. The user said that the SIM manager app version is D.2.1.493483802-google.

two eSIM is activated at the same time on Pixel 7 pro

Ability to use two eSIM can be very useful for some users. The Pixel 7 series phones now technically let you use 3 SIM at a time. That’s too much for most but can be handy for a specific type of user.

According to Mishaal Rahman, there is no plan for the dual eSIM feature on Pixel 6 series as far as he knows. If there are no hardware compatibility issues for dual eSIM, then it can be implemented in other supported devices.

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