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OxygenOS 14 finally adds per-app language feature of Android 13

Google updates the Android version every year. They include some new features alongside optimizing the system for better performance. Talking about the features, Google introduced the per-app language feature in Android 13. With this feature, users have the option to select their desired language for a certain app. This feature works even if the developer of the app didn’t make the app multilingual.

Basically, it’s like the page translation feature of the Google Chrome app. The system automatically detects the text being loaded in an app and translates it into the user-selected language. This improves the accessibility of the app to a wide range of users.

Although the feature was added and built into the Android system, many OEMs still don’t offer this feature. Some Chinese Android UI like MIUI, ColorOS, OxygenOS, and more still didn’t have this feature implemented into their ROM. The reason for this is still a mystery. But we have good news for OxygenOS and probably also for ColorOS users.

A tipster @1NormalUsername, while decoding a closed beta of OxygenOS 14, found some code string related to the per-app language feature. Not only the code, but the feature is also available in the front end of the system. The per-app language selection feature was available through the App Info page of each app.

screenshots of the per-app language feature of OxygenOS 14
Image Credit: @aamirsidd94

This means this particular feature will be available with the OxygenOS 14 update to all Oneplus devices. As we know OxygenOS and ColorOS share features with each other, and this new feature should also be available soon in ColorOS too.

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