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Android 13 New API Will Allow Features Like “Watch Unlock” to be More Secure

Android 13 has already been released. But Google continues to add new features to the android 13. The latest android 13 update can measure the Approximate distance between two Bluetooth devices.

According to Mishaal Rahman on Twitter Google is adding a new API called Active unlock to android that can measure the distance between two devices using Bluetooth RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator). This won’t be a super precise way to measure distance, but it should be good enough for features like “Watch Unlock”.

Ces watch unlock demo

There is already a feature on android which allows you to unlock your android phone with a Bluetooth device around as part of Smart Lock. But that feature has an issue which is, as long as you’re connected with your phone the device will stay unlocked. Even if the watch is not unlocked.

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The new API will allow the ‘Watch Unlock” feature to work more securely when you unlock your phone using your watch. Based on Bluetooth RSSI this will work when your watch is unlocked, on your wrist, and nearby (~1m,). And watch unlock will only happen After your face or fingerprint recognition fails when unlocking your phone.


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