Benchmark of the Huawei’s Kirin 9000S chipset introduces a lot of Mystery

Recently, Huawei took the tech world by surprise by unveiling their newest flagship, the Mate 60 series, without any prior announcement or traditional launch event. Huawei’s kirin chipset also made a comeback with the introduction of the kirin 9000S. But benchmark results of the chipset created a lot of confusion.

AnTuTu benchmark, Geekbench and other benchmark softwares confirmed the existence of the Kirin 9000S cheapest and the Huawei’s self developed Maleoon 910 GPU but the specs of the processor don’t match across different benchmark platforms. There appears to be three versions of the chipset.

Geekbench :

Geekbench score of the kirin 9000s chipset

The Geekbench analytics shows the kirin 9000s with 8 cores. It has a prime core clocked at 2.62GHz, 3 performance cores at 2.15GHz and 4 efficiency cores running at 1.53GH. The system includes the Maleoon-910 GPU, and the OS is recognized as HarmonyOS 4.0, built on Android 12.

AnTuTu :

AnTuTu score of the kirin 9000s chipset

The AnTuTu benchmark test results suggest that the Kirin chipset has 12 cores. It has 2 cortex A34 cores, 6 cortex A78AE cores, and 4 cortex A510 cores. The Maleoon-910 GPU is also present running at 750MHz.

Other :

Third party analytics of the kirin 9000s chipset

An additional evaluation by a third-party reveals a dual-cluster design, with 4 performance cores clocked at 2.15GHz and 4 efficiency cores clocked at 1.53GHz, along with a Maleoon-910 GPU operating at 750MHz.

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We are still waiting for additional details from Huawei that will help clear the confusion with  the specifications of the Kirin 9000S. There is also mystery surrounding the 5G capabilities of the chipset. Clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated by enthusiasts and consumers alike.

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