The New 300W Fast Charging Rival is Coming Soon: Uses 15C battery technology

Fast charging technology in smartphones is developing rapidly from 2020-21. Though slow charging wasn’t a complaint until the brands started to offer. Starting from 15W, 18W then 25W and then it goes on. Now we are getting 240W fast charging in a smartphone commercially. With the 240W fast charging technology, a smartphone with 4600mAh battery can be fully charged in less than 9 minutes. This is already too fast but brands want to make it even faster. Realme released this 240W charging technology with their Realme GT Neo 5.

realme gt neo 5 240w charging is being tested with a usb charging tester

Xiaomi already showed a prototype of a 300W fast charging phone. That’s basically a modified unit of Redmi Note 12 Pro+ which supports 300W power delivery through a GaN charger. The prototype unit was charged in 5mins with its 300W charger. If you are unfamiliar with this, all the phones that offer this kind of lunatic fast charging use Gallium Nitrate (GaN) chargers. That’s how they manage to deliver this much power from a brick that fits into the pocket.

Xiaomi also introduced solid state battery for smartphones. This batteries has higher performance in unstable temperatures. This tech is also rumored to come with smartphones soon.

Now it seems that BBK might also bring 300W charging in the smartphone industry. A recent report suggested that OGA has made a battery that is divided into two parts having 2220mAh and 2230mAh in each. This is a 15C grade battery that means it has very fast charging capabilities. C is a grade by which the charging time of a battery is defined. Like 1C batteries can be fully charged in 60 mins or 1 hour. A 3C battery can be fully charged in 20 mins. So think about the 15C batteries. It’s 15 times faster than 1C batteries. That means the battery will be fully charged in around 4 mins (60/15). This 15C battery technology will be used in the battery that will support 300W fast charging.

A graphic representation of the difference between different c grade batteries charging time
Source: QuantumScape

The report adds that this 300W charging technology is still in the testing stage. So there is no confirmation about the official announcement of this charging tech. On the other hand, rumors say that Xiaomi will officially release their 300W fast charging phone in the second quarter of 2023. The fast charging tech seems to lead us to the time when phones could be fully charged by just touching the device with the charging dock/charger.


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