Xiaomi introduces solid state battery for smartphone in MWC2023

Massive developments when it comes to batteries doesn’t happen very often. Over the years scientists have made various improvements to the existing well established battery technologies, such as Li-ion and reached at the peak of what improvements could be done.

Every electronic device needs a battery. And smartphones require the most advanced battery because of the very limited space inside of a phone. If we want better batteries than Li-ion then new battery technology must be developed. Thankfully a lot of companies have been developing a new type of battery called solid state battery.

Solid state battery vs Li-ion battery diagram

Solid state batteries for now only exist in labs but that might change soon. Because Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, just unveiled their own solid state battery that could bring a new chapter of the era of battery technology.

The main difference between solid state batteries and ordinary batteries is the electrolyte. Current Li-ion batteries use a liquid electrolyte solution but solid state batteries use a solid material as electrolyte instead of liquid.

A Solid state battery has higher power density, lighter and more safe than a Li-ion battery. Li-ion batteries can swell from temperature variations or even leak from mechanical stress and that can cause a fire. Solid state batteries don’t have these limitations.

Xiaomi Solid state battery features

Xiaomi solid state battery energy density reaches 1000Wh/L. Which will allow a smaller battery inside of the phone. It also has a 20% increase in low temperature discharge performance. It Improves user experience in cold environments. Puncture test pass rate of the battery improved significantly.

We might see this new battery being used in future Xiaomi smartphones. This will for sure revolutionise smartphone battery technology.


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