How much SAFE this 240W charging tech is

Based on the field test data of the fast charging of Realme GT Neo 5

Realme recently released a new member to the GT Neo series which is the Realme GT Neo 5. The phone offers so many flagship features as well as the cool RGB lighting. But the one which creates a lot of hype is the 240W charging support. This is lunatically fast and fills up the battery from 0 to 100% in just 9 minutes.

Apart from this crazy speed there is something which worries us is the safety. It’s normal to worry as we hear the number 240W. We use a 240W charge to charge our laptops and now the tiny smartphone’s battery. But how worried should we be?

To figure it out a test report that revealed some data regarding the fast charging of Realme GT Neo 5. The test was done with the help of ChargerLAB Power-Z KM003C which is a USB-C charging tester.

realme GT Neo 5 on a table and plugged in through the usb cable


According to the data shared by GadgetsData and others about the test the Realme GT Neo 5 reached from 0 to 100% in just 9 minutes. He also shared that the phone reached a max of 43.2°C while charging. The room temperature was 25°C.

screenshot of the tweet by @gadgetsdata sharing the data about the charging test of Realme Gt Neo 5

As per the data, it is clear that the phone heats above the usual temperature. Though it was obvious that the phone will heat up as it’s being charged with a 240W powerful charger. Now let’s see if this level of heating is anything to fear about.

First of all it’s not abnormal to heat like this. To make sure that the heat doesn’t harm the battery, Realme claimed to add 8 layers of cooling structure, 6580 mm² graphene micro-nano cavity phase change material and 4500 mm² 3D vapor cooling sheet. Realme also allegedly used 3 dedicated chipset to monitor and manage the charging system. You can find more info about the charging tech used in Realme Gt Neo 5 on their official website.

graphic presentation of the cooling system inside Realme GT Neo 5

Normally Li-ion cells can be safely charged within -10°C to 60°C. But the ideal temperature for best battery longevity is 10°C to 30°C. The Realme GT Neo 5 reaches 43.2°C which will not be useful to retain the battery capacity for long run like 5 to 6 years of usage. But Realme claims that Realme GT Neo 5 can hold the battery capacity more than 80% even after 1600 complete charging and discharging cycles.

If anyone charges his phone twice a day then it would take 800 days or 2.2 years to complete 1600 cycles and the battery would still remain more than 80% battery health.The experts recommend replacing the battery every 2 or 3 years. So the battery health shouldn’t be a problem in this case.

To sum up, technology is improving very fast and these are some of the signs of it. Though not all of us need this crazy level of charging speed, there is no way we can reject this tech as it’s also a part of the marketing strategies of the brands.

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