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Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 camera samples showing it’s photography strengths

Xiaomi is set to release their latest foldable the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 on August 14th. And the ech word getting all hyped up because of its groundbreaking camera system. Xiaomi revealed some camera samples from the Mix Fold 3 and it looks amazing.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 features an impressive set of laica quad cameras. This phone has a versatile main and ultrawide camera just like most other foldables but the most impressive part is its dual telephoto camera. Mix Fold has a 3.2x portrait and a 5x periscope camera. This will make it the most flexible camera system on any foldable phone offering all focal lengths just like an ultra flagship smartphone.

Image taken with Xiaomi Mix Fold 3

The reason that most of the foldable phones don’t have good telephoto camera is because its extremely difficult to incorporate a telephoto camera in such a slim device. But remarkably Xiaomi manege to put dual telephoto camera in what will the slimmest foldable phones at just 4.9mm thick when unfolded. This will redefine cameras on foldable smartphones

Photo taken with Xiaomi Mix Fold 3

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3s camera capabilities will get further enhanced by the Leica running in the software as well as high-transparency glass lens developed by Leica Summicron. Leica summicron glass will improve light transmission resulting in better sharpness and color.


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