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Redmi K60 Pro offers a IMX800 with Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0! How much upgrade?

The Redmi K60 series is becoming the headline of almost every news. It’s being hyped so much and our expectations are gradually increasing. But how much should we expect from the camera of the Redmi K60 Pro? Let’s find out.

The Redmi K60 Pro offers a IMX800 sensor in its main camera. There are also be two more cameras which are 8MP ultra wide and possibly a 2MP macro. But in this article we will be going through the IMX800 sensor and a basic explains of the Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0.

On the previous Pro version of Redmi K50 series, there was a 108Mpx Samsung ISOCELL S5KHM2 sensor. The ISOCELL S5KHM2 is a 1/1.52″ sized sensor who’s pixel size is 0.7 µm. This is a decent performing sensor within its price range. There was also the support of OIS on the main sensor.

This time the Redmi K60 Pro offers an IMX800 sensor. According to Kimovil and many other sources the size of the IMX800 sensor is 1/1.49 inch and the pixel size is 1.00 µm. The hardware of the IMX800 is good enough to produce good images even in low light. There is also OIS to stabilize the sensor while taking images of videos handheld.

Redmi promoting their K60 Pro featuring IMX800 sensor

The sensor size is now bigger as well as the pixel size. The IMX800 is a 54Mpx sensor. The resolution is now lower than the previous model but the higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean to provide good images.

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The IMX800 is a capable sensor and can produce great images if it can be utilized properly by the software. To do this Xiaomi just introduced their Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 on the launch event of Redmi K60 Pro. Now let’s get some information about the Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 and what it’s about.

The Xiaomi Image Brain is a image processing algorithm developed by Xiaomi. This algorithm helps the phone to provide better images by using the sensor data as effectively as possible. Now Xiaomi announced their second generation of this algorithm. Xiaomi mentioned some of the information about this algorithm.

Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 algorithm will help the phone to capture the color tone of a scene as like our human brain. That means we will get more natural color and similar to what we actually observe our surrounding.

The algorithm will help the phone to capture and process the image in the short time means the capturing and processing speed will be increased.

There will be a feature called Ecological Engine which will allow the third party apps to use the device’s processing algorithm to capture media as they were taken with the stock camera app. This is similar to what iPhone features. That is the feature why iPhone’s images and videos look great even if they are captured using the third party apps like Snapchat or Instagram quick video upload option.

The algorithm will recognize the scenes and will optimize the image using the advanced AI of the Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0. Xiaomi will use a feature called 3 Fusion optics to enhance the age quality.

Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 highlights

That was what Xiaomi officially said in that poster. But some rumors suggest that this time Xiaomi will also focus on the video part of the camera. They will use the same Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 algorithm to improve the video quality.

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