Omnivision’s new sensor will give sony a huge competition

Sony, the leading manufacturer of smartphone camera sensors might face fierce competition from omnivision. Omnivision is a lesser known provider of smartphone camera sensors who you probably never heard of before until now.

According to news, Sony will provide its cutting edge sensors for the iPhone 15 standard models as well as the entire iPhone 16 series. This huge order from Apple strained Sony’s capacity to meet the overwhelming demand. This has left android manufacturers concerned about the availability of its sensors prompting them to look for alternative’s.

Omnivision sensor company logo,

Omnivision emerges as a potential provider as the spotlight shifts towards other options. And they are looking to capitalize on This opportunity. Omnivision previously had some very successful sensors on the market namely the 64MP OV64B sensor, which became standard for a periscope telephoto camera.

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Screenshot of Digital chat post on Weibo

A very reliable leaker Digital chat station revealed on Weibo that There are two new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagships that use the new technology and super outsole 50Mp OV50H. But an exciting new sensor is in development named OV60B10. This sensor will be a great compilation to sony lytia LYT800 sensor

OV60B10 sensor revealed at the ISSCC2023 paper. It is a 1/1.2″ inch sensor with a resolution of 60MP but 15MP in bayer mode. The sensor is made using industry’s top 3D Stack process with a three-layer stack CIS and EVS hybrid sensor. The sensor is capable of shooting 1080p at 7680fps.


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