iPhone 15 series battery capacity exposure: iPhone 15 Plus have the largest

The battery capacity in iPhones is always a concern to power users. The hard you push those Bionic chips, the more power it will consume. But due to the space management inside iPhone, Apple can’t put larger capacity cells inside the device. Apple use high quality components that require more space than other phones. In spite of using efficient chipset, the standard and pro iPhones can’t cope with larger battery phones. But Apple is gradually improving the power consumption of the newer devices, as well as using larger capacity batteries than the predecessors.

In current iPhone 14 series, the battery performance is largely to the positive side. The iPhone 14 Pro Max offers the best battery backup among the whole lineup. But what we can expect from its successor?

A digital blogger, Xiaomu Digital Station shared some information about the iPhone 15 series battery capacity. According to his tips, we observe a big improvement in battery capacity in all iPhone 15 series phones. The base iPhone 15 uses a larger, 3877mAh battery compared to the iPhone 14’s 3279mAh.

iphone 15 pro on the left and iphone 15 pro max onb the right on a white background

The iPhone 15 Pro was exposed to use a 3650mAh battery. The current iPhone 14 Pro offers a 3200mAh battery. So the battery capacity improvement is noticeable. The top iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a 4852mAh battery, which is a 12.2% improvement than the current 4323mAh in iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iphone 15 series battery capacity

Special news on iPhone 15 Plus is that it will offer the largest battery among the iPhone 15 series. A large 4912mAh battery will be used in iPhone 15 Plus, which is too close to being a standard 5000mAh battery in 2023. The iPhone 15 Plus is the same size of iPhone 15 Pro Max with some specs compromise. These compromised makes it possible to use a larger battery.

The iPhone 15 Series battery capacity is greatly improved. So we can expect a huge battery performance jump from their predecessors. Specially in iPhone 15 Plus, the battery backup must be greater than any iPhones ever. But we don’t have any information about the charging speed of iPhone 15 series phones. But Apple should also improve the charging speed of the upcoming iPhones.

Previously we got the news of an Ultra model in iPhone 15 lineup. But here, we don’t see any ultra models. So that rumor might be busted or Apple release an Ultra model separately from the mainstream iPhones.

Source(s): Xiaomu Digital Station

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