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Galaxy S24 Series battery capacity rumors and the Truth

Samsung is rumored to increase the battery capacity of 2 models of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Unfortunately, the top Galaxy S24 Ultra may not get the battery upgrade. The 5000mAh capacity has been the standard for Samsung Ultra models. This won’t change until Samsung develops a new battery technology.

Recently, a new battery has been listed on KTC, a Korean certification institution’s website. We obtained an image of the battery from that website (link in the source section below). The battery has a Samsung logo on it. Though all the text on the battery isn’t readable. So we can’t exactly share the details from there. But on the webpage, the battery certification was listed mentioned the model number of the product which is EB-BS922ABY.

a screenshot from KTC listing showing some information about the alleged galaxy s24 battery

But from another source, we found an article published on 31 July 2023 on NashvillechatterClass.com (link in the via section below), where they mentioned the capacity of the same battery model number EB-BS922ABY, mentioned in the KTC certification listing.

According to them, they retrieved the capacity information of the battery from TUV certification website. The typical battery capacity of EB-BS922ABY battery used in Galaxy S24+ is 5000mAh and the rated capacity is 4855 mAh. This is very close to 4900 mAh.

They have also mentioned the battery capacity of Galaxy S24 Ultra to be typical 5100mAh. As they didn’t link the source with the article, the news can be considered as a rumor only. We also couldn’t find any listing or information of this battery model number on certipedia.com, the product certification database of TUV.

a screenshot from TUV certification database website showing the battery model we've searched not found in their database

On the other hand, some tipsters also started sharing the battery capacity of Galaxy S24 series. One of the reliable tipster @TheGalox_ on X, shared the battery capacity. According to his tip, the Galaxy S24 gets 4000 mAh, S24 Plus gets 4900 mAh and the S24 Ultra gets a 5000 mAh battery.

We, on behalf of AndroidStory, still can’t confirm anything yet. As the sources aren’t direct and full of uncertainty, the news is marked as a rumor. But the rumored capacity doesn’t seem to be impossible for Galaxy S24 series. Samsung also rumored to use Exynos 2400 in some specific regions. Still we have to wait a few more until we get any proper clarification.

KTC listing

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