Foldable OLED MacBook might be the future for MAC! Learn why it’s important.

Foldable tech isn’t a new thing today. But It’s still pretty much an immature technology. Brands like Samsung, LG are trying hard to solve the issues with folding display and leading the market to folding devices. Now let’s talk a bit about the issues of folding displays.

Issues with foldable displays

The major issues with folding display are the crease. You know when a paper like a sheet is become 180 degrees folded it must leave some crease at the folding point. It’s also the fact for folding displays.

Manufacturers can’t use glass on the display as glass is too sensitive to folding or bending. So they have to use plastic like material to make it foldable without breaking it apart or damaging the pixels.

An folding phone with badly damaged crease on the display

That’s why the manufacturers use artificial crease at the folding point when they create it in manufacturing plant. Creases don’t look or feels good to the users. Because of not using glass on the display, it becomes subtle to scratches and pressure from hard materials like fingernails.

Why does Apple choose Samsung and LG to collaborate with?

Samsung and LG’s displays are dominating the smartphone and TV market. Samsung provides one of the best displays in the market. They are also leading the folding display future with their advanced technology.

A man holding Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and operating it
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung is showcasing their current best with Galaxy Fold and flip series phones.These phones are being sold at a large amount and people are accepting the folding technology. So why would Apple miss this chance?

An flexible display panel from LG
Flexible display panel from LG

Why is Apple going for folding display technology with their MAC?

Recently a laptop with folding display from ASUS got a lot of attention from the enthusiasts as well as non-techie peoples. The ZenBook 17 Fold OLED opens up a lot of possibility to the laptop market. It shows how we can utilize folding display technology to maximize out productivity and so on.

image of Asus ZenBook 17 Fold OLED
Image from ASUS website

When you unfold the ZenBook 17, it’s become a 17.3″ 2.5K display which is massive for a laptop. After being folded it becomes a 12.5″ book-like device. It’s great for portability as well as productivity.

Apple may want their MacBook to be something like the ZenBook 17 and that’s why they partnered with Samsung and LG to develop 20.25-inch foldable display. Apple didn’t say anything about using this panel for their MacBook but we can’t expect anything except the MacBook.

This step may lead usage of MacBook to the next level. We have already seen how useful it could be with ZenBook 17. Now let’s see what Apple is planning to do.

When Foldable OLED MacBook would be launched?

As we know Apple, they never launch any products with immature technology. As foldable display tech isn’t now at a stable stage the launch may occur in 2027 or later depending on how foldable display technology improves.

folding display technology that apple is going to work on

Apple will also help by sharing their technology with Samsung and LG to accelerate the improving speed of foldable OLED technology. Once it’s in a mature stage Apple might also launch folding iPhones using this technology.

So that’s it for Foldable OLED MacBook’s present and future. We have to wait and see how they make it better and provide a better experience to us with folding display gadgets.

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