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Apple may bring USB-C version of older iPhones

Since 2012, started with iPhone 5, Apple kept using the lightning port to their iPhones. Though the lightning port is a part of their ecosystem, it has some serious drawbacks. The lightning port is less capable than the latest USB-C connections in boh power and data transfer. After the Europan regulation on USB-C charging port on all devices, Apple had to readjust their confort. It’s now confirmed that Apple is using USB-C to all of their upcoming iPhones including the iPhone 15 series.

But a recent rumor suggests that Apple will bring USB-C to not only iPhone 15 series but also two previus iPhone models. A netizen @aaronp613 on X (formerly Twitter) shared codenames of 6 unreleased iPhones. He found these devices while digging into the tvOS 17.0 Beta 5.

As usual 4 of them (iPhone15,4 iPhone15,5 iPhone16,1 and iPhone16,2) is going to be the 4 models of upcoming iPhone 15 series. But the rest two (iPhone14,1 and iPhone14,9) are being suspectd as two phones of iPhone 13 series.

a table of 6 unreleased models shared by @aaranp613

@aaronp613 suspected those two unreleased phone might be iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. As Apple officially dicontinued the iPhone Mini, they dosen’t seem to bring back the iPhone 13 mini. There is also a chance of being one from iPhone 13 series and the rest from iPhone 14 series.

These 6 unreleased iPhone models are expected to be launched at the upcoming iPhone 15 series launch event. As every upcoming iPhones will have USB-C, those two older iPhones might be launched again with USB-C with some price down.

Untill now, this is not official. But we will soon get some strong news on this topic.

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