Samsung’s new technology allows for direct Satellite Communication using a smartphone

Apple announced satellite communication capabilities on the iPhone 14 series in September last year and since then it became all the craze. Satellite communication allows you to send messages during emergencies when cellular connectivity is not available.

Ever since several big companies announced their own satellite connectivity feature. Huawei introduced satellite communication on the Mate 50 and Qualcomm also announced their X75 modem with this capability.  SpaceX announced that they will allow direct communication with a phone via their starlink satellite constellation.

Image diagram of how the satellite communication works

Samsung finally jumped on the satellite communication bandwagon. Samsung has announced their standardized 5G NTN (Non-Terrestrial Networks) technology will allow for direct communication between smartphones and satellites. Samsung said they will integrate the technology into its Exynos modem which will enable 5G satellite communications especially in remote areas.

Executive vice president of Samsung’s communications processor development team, Min Goo Kim said that “this milestone builds on Samsung’s previous wireless communications technology achievements, including the launch of a 4G LTE modem in 2009 and a 5G modem in 2018”.

Samsung wants to be the first in the world to advance a terrestrial-non-terrestrial network hybrid communication ecosystem before the arrival of the 6G network. We might see satellite communication capabilities on the Galaxy s24 series next year to complete against apple


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