Samsung’s new security system called “Samsung Message Guard” protects users from zero-click cyber attacks

As we continue to surround ourselves with ever increasing digital technologies, we are also exposing ourselves to the threat of getting hacked. Both iOS and Android introduces new protective measures in every new edition of their OS to combat These threat’s. So that people’s sensitive data such as home address, phone number and banking information can be kept safe.

Samsung’s own software skin named One UI on top of the native Android added lots of features on the latest version, the One UI 5.1. But the most important feature is the increased security against cyberattacks through a new addition which is called “Samsung Message Guard”.

Ice universe post screenshot

According to ice universe on weibo Samsung Electronics revealed on the 19th February that it has applied the new security solution “Samsung Message Guard” to the Galaxy S23 series. Samsung Message Guard prevents “zero-click” hacking.

Zero Click is a new hacking technique that hides malicious code in images sent to smartphones, infecting devices without the user’s knowledge and secretly stealing personal information. User’s don’t even need to open or interact with the image.

Samsung Message Guard

Samsung Message Guard sandbox system that Samsung call’s ‘virtual quarantine’ that isolates any received image from the rest of the device. Which prevents malicious code attached with the image from attacking your phone’s files.

This new security is currently only available on the latest s23 series. But According to Samsung they will roll out to other Galaxy smartphones and tablets with the One UI 5.1 later this year. This will definitely put Samsung on top of the lead in mobile security alongside with the award winning Samsung knox security system.


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