Samsung displays new low-refractive CPL will revolutionize smartphone screens

Samsung is the largest provider of smartphone AMOLED displays. They dominate the oled display market as the majority of the flagship smartphones use Samsung E6 AMOLED display. Samsung is the pioneer of several amazing display technologies and they’re set to revolutionize the smartphone display market yet again.

OLED displays are widely used in smartphones and current OLED screens use high-refractive CPL panels. This has the advantage of less power consumption. But according to Korean media TheElec Samsung Display is planning to introduce a low-refractive capping layer (CPL) for OLED screens in smartphones. This technology could enhance optical efficiency by minimizing light loss.

Samsung display

The company is collaborating with partners to test this innovation. Samsung M15 OLED material could debut this new technology.This technology could potentially be incorporated into the Galaxy S series and even iPhones in the future. Current flagships from Samsung and apple uses Samsung M12 material and newly introduced M13 material is yet to be used by anyone.

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In spite of the challenges such as complex manufacturing and higher expenses, the advantages of the innovative low-refractive CPL technology are substantial. Samsung Display’s commitment to advanced technology is revolutionizing smartphone displays, offering an impressive enhancement to the user’s experience.

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